Photos from Execution Vigil – Feb 16, 2010



  1. Steve Owen · · Reply

    “[W]e voice our unequivocal opposition to the practice of State sponsored killing.” Oh, really? When did you develop these scruples against “state-sponsored killing”? You didn’t have any qualms at all about killing many of my Hussite ancestors around Prague some time ago. You were able to shove hot coals into the mouths of Anabaptists in Switzerland. You worked had in glove with Nazis rounding up Jews in Croatian parts of Yugoslavia. So I ask you again – what qualities dose Mr. Grossman bring to the fore, which makes his execution so unjust, but which those I just mentioned lacked, so that you justify their killings, but not his? And I seriously doubt I’ll hear a peep out of you. If you’re serious about the positions your church has taken, I’ll hear from you; otherwise, I’ll know it’s all tripe, and will so proclaim it.

  2. Dear Mr. Owen, I appreciate your writing. I hear your frustration with the Church – and with all of us – in our inability to be consistent with the Catholic teaching that ALL LIFE IS SACRED, not just when it is politically advantageous.

    Thank you for taking the time to write. Mr. Grossman is just one man, but he is one who was killed by our state in our name. We oppose his killing as well as all killing that is done in our name by the State.

  3. See Fox’s Book of Martyrs, Chapter 4, “PapalPersecutions”

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