May Death Warrants

Gov. Charlie Crist has signed Death Warrants for both John Marek and David Johnston. 

The execution of John Marek is planned for 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 13, 2009 for the murder of Adella Simmons.  Gov. Crist has also signed a Death Warrant for David Johnston to be executed at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 27, 2009 for the murder of Mary Hammond.

Pax Christi Florida grieves with the families of these murder victims and mourns their tragic deaths 26 years ago but our faith demands that we not allow the spiral of violence to continue. 

Contact Gov. Crist and let him know that we cannot, and will not; support these state-sponsored killings in our names. 

Pax Christi Palm Beach joins Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, and all groups working to bring an end to the death penalty in our state, in demanding swift and sure justice for ALL violent crimes.  

Florida’s Death Penalty system is neither swift nor sure.  Thousands of murders and violent crimes remain unsolved…many due to lack of funds.  These victims and their families receive NO justice and very little assistance…while at the same time huge amounts of our tax money and resources continue to be poured into this costly, unneeded relic from a barbaric past.  We call for a halt to the outrageously expensive, deeply flawed and failed experiment that is Florida’s wasteful and mistake-prone system.

We call on Governor Crist to STOP signing Death Warrants and begin a time-out on executions in order to thoroughly review and openly assess Florida’s Death Penalty system and discuss the re-allocation of the tens of millions of taxpayer dollars spent on it every year.

Call or write our Governor today!

Gov. Charlie Crist
The Capital
400 S. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL  32399

Phone: 850-488-7146
Fax:  850-487-0801

Pax Christi FL urges ALL members and friends to speak up now!

In Florida’s politically-charged atmosphere, these multiple Death Warrant signings may portend a further increase in executions.  Where are our Florida leaders who appeal to what Abe Lincoln termed, “the better angels of our nature”…instead of our worst instincts? 

Death Penalty Resources 

Resources from Pax Christi

Resources from The Florida Catholic Conference

Resources from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Other Death Penalty Resources

  • Death Penalty Information Center – up to date reports of all state and national news relating to death penalty
  • I Was In Prison – faith-filled articles on life in prison; especially helpful for those in prison ministry of working on death penalty issues .

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