Letter from Greg – 5/28/2007

Here is the latest letter from Greg, dated 5/28/07  

Greetings to you today.  I hope that life is treating you well.  You and the family have been in my thoughts and prayers.  I want you to know I am very upset.  I had gotten to where I wanted to give up and take my life.  I was crying.  I had somebody in here to tell me it’s not over, they want you to give up.  He told me to keep on fighting.  He told me God brought me this far, keep my head up.  The thing that is getting to me, these people know I did not do this crime and they are scared if they let me go I will sue them and plus they hate to say thay are wrong.  Beth I tell you it seems like this Judge slapped me so hard in the face now I have to hope and pray my appeal will be answered real soon.  To be sitting in this place for a year of more.  I tell you the truth I am really scared that I will lose you and the family.  I can not understand how this justice system works.  All the evidence says I did not do this but they want to keep saying I did this.  I really need you all out there for me to get my freedom back.  I hope and pray you will find me a lawyer.  But in the meantime I need for you all to get hold of some news peopla and get them to come see me so that I can get my story out, for they can help me get my freedom.  I need to reach out to other people out there to help me get my freedom back, ok?  Beth I hope you had a wonderful mother’s day and Memorial Day with the family.  I love you take care please give Eleanor and everybody my love.  Thanks for everything.  God bless you, Greg

Please know I sent everything to John Dwyer.  I hope he will share the paperwork where they denied me, ok?


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