About Pax Christi Palm Beach


Pax Christi Palm Beach is a local group of Pax Christi Florida, which is a region of Pax Christi USA - the national Catholic Peace Movement.


CORRECTION: The execution vigil for Paul Howell is WEDNESDAY, February 26 – previously posted as Tuesday.

Pax Christi will gather at the cathedral on Wednesday, February 26, at 5:30 to pray for the victims of Paul Howell and their families, and to remember the man who is to be executed at 6 p.m.

Our service will be on the patio outside the main entrance of the Church, followed as usual by our silent witness on the street corner.

Hope that many of you can join us there.

See Death Penalty Vigils for more information about our action during  public executions.

Monthly Meetings at St. Ann’s

We meet the second Tuesday of every month at St. Ann’s Catholic Church Parish Meeting Hall in downtown West Palm Beach on the corner of Olive Avenue and 3rd Street.  Click here for directions.  Parking in the underground garage.

For more information, contact Maureen Dorney O’Connell.  561-731-4605, email: dorneyoc@aol.com

The Pax Christi Palm Beach Brochure is HERE (PDF).


During Florida executions, Pax Christi Palm Beach members gather before the Cathedral of St. Ignatius Loyola on Military Trail in Palm Beach Gardens.   We meet at 5:30 PM and stand in silence from 5:45-6:15 on the street corner of Holly Drive and Military Trail.  This witness is to publicly oppose the public killing that is being done in our name.

Please see our DEATH PENALTY PAGE for more information and updates about upcoming vigils.


Pax Christi USA strives to create a world that reflects the Peace of Christ by exploring, articulating, and witnessing to the call of Christian nonviolence. This work begins in personal life and extends to communities of reflection and action to transform structures of society.

Pax Christi USA rejects war, preparations for war, and every form of violence and domination. It advocates primacy of conscience, economic and social justice, and respect for creation.

Pax Christi USA commits itself to peace education and, with the help of its bishop members, promotes the gospel imperative of peacemaking as a priority in the Catholic Church in the United States.

Through the efforts of all its members and in cooperation with other groups, Pax Christi USA works toward a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world.


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